In-house Corporate & Government

If you’re an in-house legal department, our LawMaster Corporate & Government solution is designed to suit your needs. This platform scales from one or two users, up to departments with more than 100 staff.


If you’re an Enterprise Law Firm with over 200 staff, our LawMaster Enterprise solution is designed to suit your needs. Our advanced APIs will seamlessly integrate with your existing business management systems, upgrading your matter management to new levels.

Your LawMaster solution

LawMaster becomes indispensable in efficiently managing in-house legal, corporate counsel, legal government or enterprise entities. From a single department, through to multiple and geographically diverse operating centres, LawMaster lifts your team to a higher level of performance.

Every Matter Management tool you could ever need is integrated into our technology. This includes workflow process automation, powerful searchability, report generation and sophisticated task facilitation. Robust and completely scalable, LawMaster also integrates easily with existing third-party CRM and Finance systems.


increase in

LawMaster is proven to increase the performance and productivity of law firms by at least 30%*

* Results confirmed by independent legal analyisis